Why nine tales?


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One of the first questions that gets asked when people see the name of the site is ‘why nine tales?’

And I thought I had an answer when I started this blog – it seems kinda selfish to start *yet another* blog all about the facets of me that no one sees, but I think one of the most important things that I’ve been learning lately is that there’s a running joke that I’m bipolar, so only have two sides – creative and technical; because I write and I code, I’m seen as part anachronism, part regular joe, but I learned to my cost last year that I’m far more complex than I’ve given myself credit for.

So Kai-o-9-tales is a bit of a play on words, a bit of a joke, and a bit of a showcase.  I hope you enjoy it here – but I’ll be talking everything from writing to publishing, to parenting, to everything else.  And while it’s true that I have other blogs that I do all that stuff on, I’m hoping to cross post selectively, and maintain an overall presence while splitting off into a niche where I can.

Welcome along for the ride!

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