Why a business might need a dedicated server

Business need dedicated servers.
It’s a bit of a bold claim don’t you think?
But, at the same time, if you’re really serious about giving your business the best chance online, a dedicated server is the way to go.
I’ll say this upfront – this is a post for the Server Sync Up competition on V7N – we’ve been talking about all sorts this month, but I think the most important thing is that it’s absolutely, 110% true that business need a dedicated server.

Imagine the scenario.
You’re doing a big launch. Your site is pristine. you’re about to actually release the information then….you log onto your site, and you find you’ve been hacked. Or worse, you’re looking at an unresponsive server. or even worse still – you’ve launched and the server crashes under the weight of all the visitors.

Years ago, before I moved to my own dedicated server (plural, I’ve got two – a development one that’s worth its weight in gold! and my live one) – I had all three happen. All in one week. I took the hint. I now own the server that Kaiberie.com is on, along with all of my other domains (cause, y’know, at $6 a month an account once you hit 20 domains, you’re looking at server level costs anyway – I know that’s a median view rather than accurate one, but still).

But what about my business?

Honestly – look at what you’re doing online.  You’ve likely as not got a blog, an e-commerce front, a website.  All three, if the get a surge in traffic might overwhelm your account limits.  And even the ones that claim ‘unlimited’ really aren’t – the only way you’ve got complete control over the space and bandwidth you’ve got to use is to go to a dedicated server.  It’s ok when you’re starting out, but as soon as you start running more than a couple of scripts on your hosting, you really do have to go VPS or Dedicated.

(VPS’s are kinda dedicated servers – at least they act like them in most ways – they give you root access and control over your ‘environment’ but you share them with a set of other people).


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