Wanna see my birthday cake?

For once, the cake is not a lie...

For once, the cake is not a lie...

I’m marrying one of *the* most amazing people on the PLANET.  Seriously.  My beloved not only got me something I really wanted for my birthday, but he made sure I was going out to Uni, then came home and made me an amazing cake, then took me out for tea.  I discovered the cake when we came home.

For those that don’t understand the caption – it’s a companion cube cake, from a game called Portal.  Which is one of my favorite games, ever.  I’ve got a cuddly, plushie Companion Cube, and think this cake is about the most adorable thing, ever.


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  1. Kaiberie says:

    [New Post] Wanna see my birthday cake? – http://kai-o-9-tales.com/wanna-see-my-bi

  2. Angel says:

    Aaaawww… how sweet is that!

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