The story behind ‘Pillow talk’

I get asked this a lot, because Pillow Talk is one of those pieces that stays with people for a very long time after they read it.  It’s a short story, and I wrote it because one of my tutors, at the time of meeting me, said I was holding back.  He was right.

What happened was I was in a psychology class in year 2 on torture.  And then, straight after that class, I was at a prose class.  And the two just kinda collided in my head.

I am, deep down, quite an emotional person.  I’ve tried for the last year to tone down a bit, because I’m one of those people that people consider to be either unpredictable, or flat out aggressively defensive of what I believe.  I think it shows in my stories.  It’s caused so much of a stir amongst my closest friends that I thought I’d release it as a short story.

Enjoy 🙂

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