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About Kai


Kai is a parent of several darling hellions, the fiancee and soon to be wife of an absolutely incredible man – best friends with some of the most talented artists in her sphere of reference, alongside other incredible people who fill the world with joy, amazement, wonder, inspiration and incredulity every single day.

Student and amateur photographer, she enjoys duplicating a version of the world onto paper, in specks of ink that make up words and images alike.  Mental health advocate, linguistics aficionado, web-mistress and WordPress coder and designer are other titles she occasionally assumes, though her favorite is ‘freind’.

Dedicated to her friends to a fault, this blog is part social experiment, part focus on the important things in her world – part documentation of the inspirations and creations of the novels that will, one day, appear in bookshops the world over.

A note from Kai

I’ve always felt that the best way to get to know someone is to give them five minutes to talk – to introduce thier unique blend of interests, beliefs, dreams and nightmares to others.  So here is mine.

  • I love music.  I constantly fixate on lyrics and the meaning of key lines in songs – and they speak to parts of me that could be either considered my conciousnesses, or characters in my books.
  • I have a sort of ‘green room’ in my head where my characters hang out and talk to one another.  Sometimes the stories *they* tell are funnier/deeper/more moving than the ones we get down on paper.
  • Elliot, who is my multiple novel protagonist, is always the ringleader in the storytelling sessions – he runs it part interrogation, part court presentation – again, it’s just a mechanism in my head, but it’s incredible.
  • I can’t let people read what I’m writing unless I’m doing the Nanowrimo.  Even then, I find it very difficult to discuss or share everything.  I very rarely post anything before third draft, unless I’m involved in a challenge.  ‘Rise of the Dammed’ is one example of that.
  • I write under pen names because I want to make it easy for people to find the elements of my writing that they like, but in truth, I can’t be easily categorised into even them – all of my stories blend a unique set of genres and elements – the pen names simply show the overall ‘genre’ that things fall into.
  • I am head injured – this time two years ago would have seen me complete a larger body of work than I manage now – it’s not just slowed me down, but changed the way I work.  Stories used to stalk me – now they flit by at light speed, while I plod laboriously behind.  Catching them requires more guile than I can summon in most cases.