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Toys and tools for writers – pt 1 4

Toys and tools for writers – pt 1

One of the things I’ve noticed is that writers are really into their tools. I’m constantly looking for something to streamline how I write, when I write, where I write and how easy all...

Tech – obsession or relationship? 2

Tech – obsession or relationship?

I’m into a lot of things, when it comes to tech. Computer based, I’m PC and through choice – it’s not that I don’t *like* Apple, and it’s not the expense, but that most...

Schedules and other erratta 1

Schedules and other erratta

So I’ve got a rudimentary schedule for the blog – Monday ‘me’ day – which is information mostly about me. Monday also covers ‘mental health’. Tuesday ‘tech days’ – I’m going to talk ‘WordPress’,...