Some Twitter hashtags I set up :)

I thought I’d share some twitter hashtags I’m ‘behind’.

#tIAG – the Twitter indie Author Group The Indie Author Group is a group on Facebook, that I’m part of.

#iahop  – for the Indie Author Blog hop!

And finally, Superwriter’s Sunday – #swsun – a bit like Follow Friday, but to show the best authors that you know.

How you should use these hashtags

Twitter hashtags are brilliant for promoting your stuff – but only if you use them right.  Use them to tag posts you think someone should see, to ‘file’ something with other, similar stuff, or, possibly most importantly of all, showing solidarity to a ’cause’ or group of people.  The last use for twitter hashtags is best expressed in #mywana – my ‘we are not alone’, set up by Kirsten Lamb.

Have fun with it!

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