Solstice – six months of more light

solstice – when sunrise and sender become earlier or later, is an incredibly powerful time. It’s one of those primal things, and Winter Solstice is *my* favorite of the two.
I’m a winter gal. I love snow – and the cold is kinda enjoyable too in a “cozy up and do stuff in your home” kinda way.
A few of my friends have commented that they want to change the beat of thier lives – and now is a good time. Simply harness the few extra minutes of sunlight and mve through your day thinking of the things you will
do this summer, and remember the amber depth of the touch of the sun, even if, like me, you like winter.
Another way to use the moment – the lightening of the days is to enjoy the sunlight now – ice is beautiful if you aren’t falling on it – and the sparkle can ignite the joy inside you, if you
let it. Remember though, it’s all about you – belief is a very powerful thing – no matter how you treat it. Joyous Solstice to you!

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