So, what’s new with you?

I thought I’d do a quick summary ‘update’ or sorts and let everyone know where we are and what we’re up to right now.


‘Pictures’ and the ‘Unnamed’ project are doing really quite well – but for reasons I’ll explain in a sec, I’ve been busy with other stuff so they kinda took a back burner.


I’m now a co-mod over on Facebook for Bipolar Awareness – Stop the Stigma – I’d love it if you could stop by – it’s a constant stream of interesting articles about bipolar disorder and mental health too.

Life stuff

I’m back at Uni to complete my 3rd year, which is, to be honest, seriously exciting.  I didn’t feel it last year, because I was so snowed with buying a house and moving in, and the other stuff that went on, but this year I really am excited.
I’m also delighted that we’re in said house now – it took a while, but it’s sure been worth it.

Finally, I was put on meds about six months ago.  I think I’ve finally got perspective to talk about it, so I’m planning on doing some ‘talking’ about meds versus no meds in the next few weeks/months.

And with that – what’s new with you?

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