Nano day 2 – procrastinate

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I procrastinated to death today.
I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom – to let my stories flex and write them in my head today.  I can’t work out why, but despite feeling I was ready and desperate to write, the last day or two has been like pulling teeth.  The voices still haven’t quite settled into what they want – and forcing them into translation is impossible.

I understand the theory of it – there’s no way to impose a linguistic structure on anything with any expectation of authenticity, if it isn’t the right structure – you can’t use words that don’t fit with the contextual or thought patterns of the character – and I think that would break a story far worse than a contrived plot, or unbelievable set of circumstances.

Though, you could also argue that a book is simply the reenactment of a story, and actors adopt different linguistic and positional structures all the time, so on the flip side, a linguistically altered book may hold more true than one that’s entirely, and accurately authentic to the underlying concept.

And why yes, I’m still dodging the writing 😉

Nanowrimo day 2 Word Count – 1355 – pitiful, and only some added to Values.

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