My 10 years as a professional writer is coming up

I started writing professionally in 2001.  Part time, but still, I wrote for several sites and blogged (though it was a html template and the damned thing needed the new links added to *every bloody* page, cause I didn’t know about php back then).  I’ve always been a writer, but there was the conscious decision, in 2001, to do it full time.  It was around the time I started having problems in my second pregnancy, and they were predicting some pretty dire things for PrincessPink (which thankfully mostly didn’t come true) and I had to make some sort of decision to free us up so that I could care for a disabled child.  She’s challenging in a different way, but the choice was the right one.  I was a bit singleminded, and my family didn’t like that, but still, it’s worked out ok.  Mostly.  And in the end, it was me that was the bigger problem that year (gallbladder and illness before/after)

Anyway – to celebrate the ten year anniversary of becoming a professional writer (August 1st), I’m going to work on a couple of special bits and pieces and make my year 10 a big one.
I’ve been writing though, since I was four, so it’s not as if it were entirely unexpected.

I’d love it though if people could help me make my ‘decade’ anniversary of my version of professionalism a big one.  So, to that end, I’d like a ‘present’ from everyone.  If you could invite your friends to the new blog that launches on the 1st (it’s a surprise, but just about anyone that’s an author or reader will love it) I would *really* appreciate it.  I promise it’s one of those things that you won’t regret – in as much as I say I’m not, I’m actually apparently very talented 😉

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