Is your sleep costing you your creativity?

I’m a parent. I know what it feels like to burn the midnight oil, at both ends and then crash and burn.
But recent studies suggest that without a regular sleep pattern, those of us with careers as writers could actually be damaging our writing ability.


Well, apparently, there’s a couple of studies kicking around out there that suggest that if you don’t get optimum sleep, you can’t create, or function at your best.  You over compensate through ’substance’ (caffine) abuse, and end up wrecking your creative ability, sometimes permanently.

I’m a four hour a night girl, or was, until my partner ‘trained’ me to sleep more.  At that point, I started to lose my edge.  I still wrote, but not as well – I@m now eight hours and always tired and barely writing.  But did I write more because I was wired, and it wasn’t as good, or is the smaller volume I’m writing now the best I can do?  For that matter, what’s your sleep/creativity quotient?

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