Chatrooms I run on IRC

I run several IRC chatrooms so that people can hang out and chat while writing – or for writing talks and interviews.

I run them on the server Starchat – and there’s two routes to get to them – either through your browser, or via an IRC system.

Javachat via your browser. (for participants that are resident to Cheltenham and Gloucester and taking part in the Nanowrimo) and – general writer’s chat. (indie author group chat). The Indie author group is a group on Facebook.

Via IRC system (such as Trillian or MIRC)

Load up your system

add starchat’s servers to your system (information here) or enter into your server space.  There’s nothing else to enter – it may automatically configure or on the link above.

once you’ve loaded up starchat – join #nanoglos and #writerchat – the website link above also explains how to register nicknames or set up other stuff.

I look forward to seeing you there soon!