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Guest blog posts with free tech support 0

Guest blog posts with free tech support

I thought, given there’s a lot of people have been asking how to ‘hire’ me as a guest blogger recently so I thought I’d sweeten the deal. If you’re running WordPress self-hosted, I’ll log...

Five ideas almost anyone can use 1

Five ideas almost anyone can use

There are just some topics that anyone can use – no matter what the perspective.  So I thought I’d share them here and hopefully give you a jumpstart in your writing projects. Go seasonal...

Pen Names aren’t cowardice 6

Pen Names aren’t cowardice

Though the writing community has moved on somewhat on the subject of pen names, it’s hard not to feel that the community itself has elements that are a bit behind the times. What is...

Toys and tools for writers – pt 1 4

Toys and tools for writers – pt 1

One of the things I’ve noticed is that writers are really into their tools. I’m constantly looking for something to streamline how I write, when I write, where I write and how easy all...

Of literary merit 2

Of literary merit

What makes a story good – or great? It’s a question that gets bandied about a lot in class – I’ve been studying creative writing for the past four years and it’s been one...

Showing my chops- the Merry-go-round 1

Showing my chops- the Merry-go-round

Image via Wikipedia Or, as my partner and best freind have both pointed said ‘showing just how warped I really am’. Before we moved to our sunny location in the Cotswolds, my beloved and...

What’s forensic linguistics then? 6

What’s forensic linguistics then?

Thursdays is ‘language’ day – it’s one of those happy areas where I could talk for days/weeks/months. But before I get into the *really* geeky stuff, I thought I’d give my perspective on Forensic...

Writing 101 6

Writing 101

Image via Wikipedia I’m a writer. I’ve been a writer for close to 28 years – since I was four in fact. I started off in fan fiction – writing stories based on the...

Schedules and other erratta 1

Schedules and other erratta

So I’ve got a rudimentary schedule for the blog – Monday ‘me’ day – which is information mostly about me. Monday also covers ‘mental health’. Tuesday ‘tech days’ – I’m going to talk ‘WordPress’,...

It’s been over 20 years in coming…. 0

It’s been over 20 years in coming….

Image via Wikipedia I’m not really ready to *launch* the blog yet, as in, I’m not ready to start talking about everything that I need to, because I’m still getting a grip on the change in schedule that just, quite suddenly, dropped in my lap, but I wanted to intro myself, and say ‘hi there!’ […]