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New twitter hashtag #tIAG 0

New twitter hashtag #tIAG

As many of y’all know, I’m part of a wonderful group of Indie writers on Facebook.  To keep track of one another in Twitter, we just lauched a new hastag, at @lil_tufel ‘s suggestion.  SO join me in using #tIAG – the ‘twitter Indie Author Group’ tag (with thanks to Lili Tufel, whose book, Sand […]

Toys and tools for writers – part 3 – the non fiction writer 0

Toys and tools for writers – part 3 – the non fiction writer

And so, we roll onto the toys and tools for writers, for non fiction writers. By ‘non fiction writer’ I mean copywriter/article writer/technical medical or otherwise writer that requires you to use your imagination...

Release schedules…. 0

Release schedules….

One of the major areas I’m looking at right now, while increasing my ‘discipline’ and butt in seat stickivity for my writing is to look at my release schedules. So, when I’ve got Glass...

A little bit of discipline 2

A little bit of discipline

I find posts like this difficult to write. After all, I am basically saying ‘I am not available’ – which is entirely true, but makes me feel just a bit twitchy.  I pride myself...

Two hand ins to go…. 0

Two hand ins to go….

For the last four years, I’ve been studying Creative Writing.  And I honestly never thought, when I started, that my life would have turned out quite the way it has.  I’m so proud of...

Books, books books! 0

Books, books books!

Yep, I’m positively giddy right now. I’ve got not one, but two books coming out in the next 60 days. Reissuing…. Footnotes to a Lesson was most recently issued in an anthology of short...

I haven’t forgotten you 1

I haven’t forgotten you

I know, I know, I’ve been really REALLY bad at keeping up lately. It’s not actually that I’m bad at keeping up – it’s more that between a very sick small child (she’s nine,...