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The Blogging A to Z – a is for Allonsy 1

The Blogging A to Z – a is for Allonsy

So.  I signed up for the ‘Blogging A-Z‘ project, and though I thought that I’d be doing something else by now, I thought I’d go with this idea. A is for Allonsy. I think...

Degree confirmation 1

Degree confirmation

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last four years doing a degree in Creative writing, with a side of psychology.  It’s been a long road, especially after I fell and banged my...

A Day in the Life 0

A Day in the Life

Last night, in the ‘writechat’ ( we were talking about a lot of different things – creativity and inspiration (which I’m going to post about tomorrow), productivity and more.
One of the comments I made was that my day runs on a split shift – that I take the kids to school, do around an hour […]

A (reposted) meme 0

A (reposted) meme

I swiped this mercilessly from Angel at home. Tagged readers and freinds at the end (if you’re not tagged, do it and let me know, I’ll know to tag you next time )
How long have you been blogging?
Uhm. I’ve been blogging since around November 2002 (officially, on Livejournal)) and before that I kept a Ujournal […]