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The adorable, endless grind 0

The adorable, endless grind

I guess I’m going to get some funny looks for this post, but writing is an adorable, yet endless grind.  I’ve been arguing with people today about it today, but we grow, and we...

Niche Language – Introduction 0

Niche Language – Introduction

Niche language is one of those things that can encompass just about every area of written and verbal communication, so I thought I’d choose a key set of areas to look and run with them.  Our key areas here are ‘niche language’, &#821…

Nano day 2 – procrastinate 1

Nano day 2 – procrastinate

I procrastinated to death today. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom – to let my stories flex and write them in my head today.  I can’t work out why, but despite feeling I was...