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How things play out – aka, why it’s taken nearly 11 years to publish Glass Block 6

How things play out – aka, why it’s taken nearly 11 years to publish Glass Block

I’m inches from publishing my first full-length novel under my own name, and I was going to kinda let it pass without comment, and then I thought ‘I think I wanna talk about this’....

Momentum 0


We move through our lives at a constant pace.  We can accelerate or decelerate ourselves with a limited amount of success, but the speed we do things at, at our base rate at least,...

Who am I? 0

Who am I?

Cricket asked this and at first, I thought, ah, well, that’s easy. I’m tech support.  I’m a writer.  I’m an extremely clever woman.  I’m a graduate of Creative Writing. I’m a mother.  I’m the...

Hack cleaning, and Psycho Killers 0

Hack cleaning, and Psycho Killers

Something that I don’t think is very evident from my writing is that I’m very music oriented.  If I can get away with it, no matter where I am, in the house, or out...

Degree confirmation 1

Degree confirmation

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last four years doing a degree in Creative writing, with a side of psychology.  It’s been a long road, especially after I fell and banged my...

A little about me 0

A little about me

And, more specifically my books. I write under a diverse set of pen names, and thought I’d share the pen names and the genres they match up with.  On this blog post, I can explain how to simply grab the feeds that you want, unless you’d rather read everything I do, in which case, WOOOHOOO! […]

Free Chapter – Glass Block 1

Free Chapter – Glass Block

Image via Wikipedia And he’s the free chapter from Glass Block – let me know what you think, and whether you like it or not.  Interested, not interested, I’d love to hear your views!...

Rules of the road and our stars 0

Rules of the road and our stars

Our Cast
Linked to rule one (see later), though I’m a public person, my family isn’t.  For that reason, my fiancée is ‘My Beloved’ or my DH (though, we’re not married yet – I have however took his last name for ease of publishing – two years down the road or so, when we are married, […]