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The radical changes I need to make #Mondayblogs #Wedswriters

So, I was a bit quiet about it, but I went on holiday for two weeks in the middle of August.  I spent the last two weeks battering around a pile of theme parks...


And then she said….follow me :)

I know, I know, I said yesterday I’d post something, but we filmed this, we filmed some other stuff, and then…well, other things got in the way, so we changed the order we did...

Where would you be comfortable? 0

Where would you be comfortable?

Comfort, especially as a writer, is a funny thing.
Lots of people say that they’d be comfortable earning lots of money, and doing the things they love.  Others are sure it’s not about the money, but want to share something with the world.
But how much of that is about actual comfort, and how much is expectation […]