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The radical changes I need to make #Mondayblogs #Wedswriters

So, I was a bit quiet about it, but I went on holiday for two weeks in the middle of August.  I spent the last two weeks battering around a pile of theme parks...

Reaching for your dreams 0

Reaching for your dreams

We now have our OWN Facebook Page.  Like us at Bi-polarbears! One of the few things that tends to inspire a lot of smiles in our house is success stories – especially if those success stories are writers or other artists that live with bipolar.  As many of you know, I’m at Uni right now […]

Is there an ‘up’ side to bipolar disorder? 0

Is there an ‘up’ side to bipolar disorder?

I know who you are – you’ve just been diagnosed, and you’re thinking that your life is about to end, either metaphorically, or (please don’t do it), literally. I know who you are, because I’ve been there.  Been there several times. So, the first thing I want you to do is go grab a soothing […]

When things change 0

When things change

I’ve been on a break from everything – unsurprisingly, in my family, there’s more than one special needs member, and we’ve been spending a lot of time dealing with my daughter.  And then, by the time I discovered I had the time to get on with the stuff that I should, including this blog, I […]

Explaining our manifesto 0

Explaining our manifesto

Bi-polarbears has a manifesto, that we use to guide our information sharing.  I’ve been asked recently how I created the manifesto, and what it means to people around me, and you, my readers. The Manifesto It’s very easy to look at the list of things we talk about and wonder what we mean, and easier […]