Back in the saddle

I dunno, lately I’ve really felt like doing absolutely nothing (probably evident from the gap in the blog posts huh?)

Being as outspoken as I am kinda has a lot of drawbacks. I say kinda, because one, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and two, even if I do get kicked into next week occasionally for the stuff that I say, it doesn’t change the idea of saying it.

But I woke up this morning actually wanting to write a blog.  Multiple blogs.
I’ve got a pile to finish up for places like After the Novel and my blog at Book Junkies, and I’ve got PR work to do for clients, and editing, and formatting.
How I’ve affected a bit of a change to my attitude is that I’m not answering emails after 10pm at night unless *I* want to.  I’m not getting back out of bed and hopping ‘quickly’ on my laptop to do something.  Instead, I get a nice hot bath running, if I’m grabbing one, and I watch an episode of Red Dwarf.  Another one in bed, while winding down/reading.
It’s done wonders for my outlook, and when I get to sleep.  I’m still struggling somewhat with waking up at 8am/earlier, but I’m getting better.  It might also be more sunlight, because I spend a lot of time writing in the guest room/office/eventual nursery, but I’m  feeling brighter and getting more done.

t -5 days to Glass Block 🙂

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