And the 09 Nanowrimo Novels are….

Change (7.5k more or less is part of my dissertation)- science, technology, and the understanding of how knowledge affects our decisions.

Glass Block (redux, last rewrite, from scratch) – seven years after writing the original, I’m going to rewrite it one last time, and it, with all of my other stories are going on a pen drive in our safe – no more deleting them in a fit of pique.


Valubaby(creative non)fiction (which will be more fiction than non) about the pain of working out whether it’s possible to have children in certain situations.  Of all three, this one is going to be the hardest.  There’s been a lot of conversation about family in my units of friends – perhaps because, in most circles, I’m either the youngest, or appear to be the youngest of my friends, and in other circles, I’ve got friends that aren’t even there yet (in a relationship and having kids), so I’ve got few people I can talk to about it – which means my feelings, worries, fears, and all the other things that affect our personalities anyway, grew into a shadow of a person of their own. (I’ll explain more on that on Friday!).  If I ignore her, she’s only going to get louder, so I’m going to write her story, and see where it takes me.  Much like ‘Sleepless’ which I wrote in 2005, and 21 Doors in 2006, this one is fairly close to the bone in many places, so I’m carefully working out how to handle it.

Anyone else got thier titles and blurbs worked out yet?

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