A tech dillema – iPad and Kindle

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  1. -10 says:

    Personally, I use my iPad almost exclusively as a Kindle reading app, and web reading app. Where I don’t think you can use it to read magazines, nearly all major magazines offer most of their content online for free anyway, so that shouldn’t cause any massive issues as the iPad obviously has a web browser (not sure if you went for 3G or WiFi — I’ve jailbroken my WiFi and tether it to my BlackBerry).

    I’ve also never had an issue pulling my iPad out on the trains or the London Underground, but on campus I do tend to get the million people asking me to show them every single feature of the damn thing.

    If you need the portable editing features, I don’t think purchasing a Kindle is unjustified — it’s inexpensive and easy to carry. If not, I would say stick with the iPad and learn to read on it and focus on your reading. The fact that it *can* do so much more really comes down to willpower, in the same way as your PC can play WoW/Eve, you still find time to blog; the fact that your iPad can play SimCity or browse the Internet shouldn’t distract you from reading.

    • Kai says:

      LOL….I have ‘writing time’ so that I write instead of playing games, so it’s kinda different to the iPad issue. Kinda, but not quite, I guess.
      http://www.amazon.co.uk/Asimovs-Science-Fiction/dp/B000N8V3F0/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1294588499&sr=8-5 – this is my main problem – I want to be able to collect and read *these* without needing tro remmeber to visit the sites, and get access to the exclusive content. A year of subscription to both of these, on thier own, and I’ve justified the cost of a Kindle practically, not to mention the other ones I could have as e-ink for work/play.
      I’m not sure – the portable editing would be great too – I can’t do that on the iPad without having a seperate file, which distrupts my work flow.
      As for the point of it being commonplace traveling – on the underground, you’re right, no one bats an eyelid. Standing at a bus stop in the Cotswolds though…different story entirely…. 😀

  2. Michael says:

    I had the original Kindle as a gift. But it lost its screen. I then found that I can read my kindle books on My PC, Droid phone, Mac, and other devices. Do I miss my kindle, yes but I am reading my books elsewhere so it is not a problem. You just down load the app on whatever device you are on, login to the Amazon store and click on the I want to download my book that I purchased a week ago, and it downloads it to that device. Easy.
    I downloaded a Book by George Washington that is free..

  3. Snerdey says:

    Get the Kindle.. you won’t be disappointed 😉

    • Kai says:

      We actually road tested a Kindle for work a while back. I wasn’t really enamoured with it either way – but typically, they launched this service – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Asimovs-Science-Fiction/dp/B000N8V3F0/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1294588499&sr=8-5 – a week before it went back – and I just about had an apoplexy 😉
      Still looking at the cost effectiveness of it all, including recycling and storage for the magazines. My biggest issue with it is if I wanted to keep stuff I’d either need to print the articles in question (difficult I think), find em online and bookmark/print/file or find a way to stop the auto delete after six months. It’s never easy…;)

  4. -10 says:

    You could always find the articles you want to keep later on the PC (on their sites) and bookmark them or save them offline.

    • Kai says:

      Ok – tech dillema solved – we picked up a Kindle this morning after lots of discussion and work evaluation, we decided that it was cheaper than the yearly subscriptions to each of the magazines (Asimov’s comes in at somewhere like $40, while Analog is something like another $50 for a year – not to mention the three that are not going to be printed, plus my own one that’s going to be cheaper to run on the Kindle (new company needs to be set up entirely first, but I can take care of that). So we decided to view it as investment rather than an expense, and it was on sale, so…..

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